Work with Ray

6-Week Step-by-Step Guide to High-Quality Dates with Awesome Relationship-Ready Gay Men

Become the kind of person YOUR dream partner would be attracted to as THEIR dream partner. This empowering 6-week  online course will help you to reconnect with your passion, find a new sense of  purpose and meaning, love and trust yourself unconditionally, and become the ideal, irresistible magnet for your true Soulmate… the person who totally gets you and loves you as you are.

100 Days to Your Most Awesome Year Ever!

Do you ever wish you had a step-by-step roadmap to fulfilling your true potential and creating the life and love of your dreams? ‘100 Days to Your Most Awesome Year Ever!’ is your chance to have a strong, caring and compassionate advisor and accountability partner walking by your side, helping you navigate each step of your incredible journey to your best self.

Inner Awesome, Out on Video

The 12-week guided program to create your authentic soulmate-attracting video that bypasses the empty, resume-driven approach typical of dating sites – to connect heart to heart with your ideal match (whether they’re living a few blocks away or on the other side of the world).

Unleash Your Inner Awesome (Private VIP Day)

Here’s your chance to rapidly accelerate with an intensive private done-with-you coaching experience. Whether you’re new to personal development, or looking to make a significant breakthrough FAST… the ‘Unleash Your Inner Awesome’ Private VIP Experience may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.