When I first heard about Ray’s coaching program, I wondered “What is there to learn? I have been dating men for years.” In fact, I learned a lot… not tips on dating, but things that are much more substantive. And, within the first three weeks of the course I was starting to meet and date men who are significantly more aligned with who I am as a person than those I had been dating before.

I most valued the challenge that Ray issued to really get to know myself in ways I never have before. The readings, the assignments, and the coaching all worked together to move me to a place of “Outing My Inner Awesome”. I feel better and more assured about myself; am much more clear on who I do—and don’t—want to be in relationship with; and am significantly more confident that I will find that relationship. Make no mistake, Ray challenges you. But if you are willing to invest in that challenge in order to find the relationship you deserve, this is the program for you!

Brian Gorman

Change Mentor

Anyone who is stuck at an impasse in life, have a chat with Ray.

Hey everyone. I’d like to say a little bit about the experience I had with Ray. His energy is everything. His passion will get you very excited and motivated about the very real prospect of finding yourself in the very place you want to be in life. As a coach, he has a very keen ability to get into your soul and intuitively help you along, because I truly believe he sees in you the things that want to come out, whether you have found the words to articulate it yet or not. Although at times I found the flow of knowledge coming out of Ray to be a bit overwhelming, I found great comfort in knowing that his delivery is based on love and passion, and that his message is simple and basic, and he just has a way of reinforcing these simple ideas in many different shades of his own passion.  Every step in the process was met with praise and affirmation with Ray. I would recommend anyone who is stuck at an impasse in life, to have a chat with Ray.  Maybe it will lead to something bigger for you both.

Bradley Romaker

Ray is the real deal!

Relationship and Wellness coach, Ray Hippolyte, facilitated a Gay Men’s Retreat at our church this year, and we were so impressed by his engaging presentation and his skillful expertise. Ray is a gifted teacher with a warm and playful personality. He encouraged and challenged us to look at our limited beliefs, and then he provided us with a plethora of practical tools for transforming our lives, inspiring each of us to live our best year ever. It is obvious that Ray has a passion for helping people step more fully into their authenticity. We highly recommend him as a workshop presenter and life coach. Ray is the real deal!

Rev. Salvatore Sapienza

Pastor of Douglas Congregational United Church of Christ, Douglas, Michigan

Totally Broken to Total Peace

I was totally broken, had no idea what to do with my life, I was depressed and borderline suicidal. I didn’t know where to turn for help. And then I found Ray. I didn’t know how coaching worked at first but I started seeing small improvements in my day-to-day life. Through our sessions and exercises I started to believe that I too could define a life purpose to drive me and help me make the best decisions in reaching my goals. Through my work with Ray, I have been able to make peace with the wreckage of my past. The work is often challenging and asks one to dig deep within to define a purpose by which to live by. All the hard work has paid off and I am now more aligned with my inner self, joyous. I come out of this experience with more clarity on what do to next and able to face the demons which once ruined my mood. Thank you Ray for your teachings, your care that has helped me turn my life around faster then I ever thought possible. If you too want to benefit from a more balanced life and a better relationship with self and others, I would undeniably recommend working with Ray.

Benjamin Loustau

I’ve had the pleasure of attending a men’s retreat and spent the day gaining valuable insight thanks to our group leader Ray Hippolyte. Ray presents valuable self-improvement information and combines this with many thought-provoking questions that spark meaningful discussions. He is a skilled dialogue facilitator. It was amazing to hear his story and the stories of other gay and bisexual men who are striving to live life fully and authentically. Whether you are single or in a relationship, time spent with Ray is well worth it. You’ll be inspired and equipped with a set of cognitive, behavioral, and emotional tools to help you on your journey…and you’ll make some awesome friends along the way.

Bruce Punches, M.A., M.A., L.P.C.

Board Certified, Licensed Psychotherapist

“Has the gift of seeing the positive and potential”

Ray is the definition of inspiration. He has the gift of seeing the positive and potential in a person and motivating them towards being the person they were created to be.  As a coach Ray has expanded my awareness of the possibilities in my life. He has taught me the practice of daily affirmations, given me the tools to deal with the issues that are keeping me from moving toward my goals, and helped me choose the path to fulfilling my dreams. Ray’s energy is off the charts.  His nickname is Ray of Light and that is right on. Anytime I spend time with Ray in person or on the phone, the rest of my day and week is more energized and positive.


I signed up for the 100 days to your most awesome year ever coaching program after interviewing Ray for a corporate series and being inspired by what he shared with the audience. Once I started the program, Ray’s ability to empower me by changing my negative thoughts into positive ones and his keen intuition to guide me toward a successful podcast launch of my own gave me a clear pathway and the confidence to put my plans into real action. Ray is super knowledgeable, resourceful and creative. He helped me create SMART goals aligned with my values. His contagious optimistic outlook on life, compassion for others and giving nature made this program more enjoyable than anticipated. Ray is special! He has a way with people that allows them to get in touch with their feeling of joy & laughter…and most importantly, he gives you the gift of new perspective by teaching you how to think outside the box . I would definitely recommend Ray to anyone who is willing to do the work necessary to make their career goals become a reality.

Michelle Ann Owens

Finding myself single at 55 after a 16 year relationship, practically starting a new life in a new city where I was having hard time making new friends left me in state of depression where I felt hopeless. While going through this difficult stage, I was always intrigued with Ray’s motivational posts on Facebook. So I decided to sign up for his group coaching program that was being advertised on Social Media. Two weeks into the program, I started feeling good about myself again, with a renewed sense of confidence that enabled me to meet great people everywhere I went. Ray’s insights and ability to make you see things from a positive perspective gave me the strength and courage to face my fears and take the risks needed to turn my life around. This six weeks journey was transformational. The design of the course was strategically laid out which facilitated my ability to assimilate all the learnings. Even though some of the assignments were time consuming, gaining my spark, self-esteem and confidence back which I had lost in the last five years of my relationship made it all worthwhile. I started dating quality guys again. My friends could not stop complimenting me on the positive changes they have seen in me. They were inspired by my ability to let go of the past and glad to have the joyful friend that they thought they lost back. I am excited about what the future holds for me, and certain that I will be in a meaningful relationship sooner than later. If you are looking for a coaching program that will give you the confidence and enthusiasm needed to navigate the dating world, I strongly recommend joining Ray’s coaching program. Thank you Ray for being such a great teacher. I will carry with me these lifetime skills and insights everywhere I go.


I have always felt I was missing out on a huge secret to success. I saw my friends achieving their goals and dreams but I seemed to spin around in the details, never making enough progress.  I have spent many years in therapy and reading self-help books … I’ve tried everything from support groups to energy healing …always searching for the ONE thing that would make it all click; bring all the fragmented lessons together and allow me to create a realistic and solid plan for my future.

I have worked really hard over the years, but never felt I made enough progress improving my major issues. My business required all my time and energy. My relationships seemed lopsided and frustrating. I somehow failed to see just how out of balance I had become, until working with Ray. His no nonsense, straight forward style  his vast knowledge and intuitive understanding of the nature of emotion, combined with his exercises and assignments create an alchemic process that is powerful beyond its components. It isn’t easy and he demands commitment, but the results have already been fantastic.

In just a few months, I’ve made more progress than years in therapy.  I have no doubt that my dreams and desires will become a reality. I see them in the not too distant future! The momentum is already underway. The shift in my perception has already allowed miracles to happen.  My mentors and colleagues have noticed a difference and the love I feel for myself is becoming a match to the love I feel for the world. I am even running again, something I loved to do in high school but have not been able to stick with in over 25 years. How do I even begin to thank him for helping me find my way toward balance, love and health?

Christine Ferris

Chef owner of Farmhouse Deli